Connor Construction's log cabins are energy efficient



Connor Construction's Log Homes 

    Are Energy Efficient With The Zip System






Use sprayed in foam for a super insulated home


As of July 1st 2011 the state of Georgia implemented the blower door test for all new construction including solid log homes. Some solid log homes may not pass this test. We suggest looking at our panelized log sided homes for better value, excellent quality, energy efficiency, most homes can be erected in only one day.




Connor Construction's log sided homes are more energy efficient, with insulated vinyl windows, than most log homes. Our conventionally Framed walls with chink log siding applied over the 1/2 inch Zip System allows insulation to be installed between studs for a fully insulated wall. Solid wood walls only have r-values of around 1.25 pre inch of wood. A 6 inch log wall would only have r-values of around 7.5.


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