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John Spivey asks "What is a approx price for the basement foundation under the 1450 Chalet?"

Here in Ellijay around 10,000.

Tim Dover-Chatsworth, GA. asks "Is there a model of the 2,000 square foot house available to look at ?If so, where is it locatedplease."

There's one in the White Path golf course here in Ellijay drive by only.

Joby asks "What would shipping be to High Springs, FL 32643 for your 1,800 or 2,000 SFT kits. What would the price difference be to fully sheath the exterior with plywood or OSB before covering with the log siding in lieu of the insulation board?"

This question has not yet been answered.

Toni Watkins asks "We are in Pike County below Griffin, Ga and we want to know if you build in this area?"