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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Mike Harmeling asks "What are the roof pitches on the 1450 Sq Ft home and how many squares of shingles will I need to cover the roof and the porches on that same 1450 Sq Ft plan?"

12/12 and 5/12 22 squares with porches.

Lucas asks "Which plan is the Mintz house? Do you offer a choice in type of windows(Traditional vs. sliding)? "

The Mintz home is the 1450 square foot. Yes traditional windows are optional.

Jill Brodie asks "We have property in Signal Mountain, Tennessee. Can you deliver there & approx. how much for a 1600 sq. ft. unfinished interior home?"

Yes. Our most popular homes are priced on line. Please call for other prices.

Jill Brodie asks "on your 2000 sq ft home does it include plumbing,electric,firelace/chimney/garage?"

The published prices are for shells.