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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Nancy Buchanan asks "I am interested in seeing the home in Clayton currently being built, how can I get the address to that?"

We delivered a 1450 square foot home overlooking downtown Clayton, Ga. about 4 months ago. It is probably completed now.

Vern Darley asks "I want to add onto my home about and need two walls 8' x 36' and one wall 8' x 20' plus roof joists. I would erect these walls on a slab. Is this something you would do for me?"

This sounds like a project that it would be better to built on site.

Daniel asks "I am currently wondering if you build any larger homes than 1800 sq ft. Also what changes could you make to the floor plan. "

Yes we can do larger homes. If you add a basement to the 1800 sq.ft. homes that will add another 1040 sq.ft. Almost anything can be done with the interior floor plan.

Ken asks "Would you build home like the "Grandview" that Jim Barna has listed and would it still be $21.00 a square foot?"

Looks like the Grandview is 1743 sq ft. I think you could fit a similar floor plan into our 1800 sq. ft. home.