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Jerome Mettetal asks "I'm considereing the 2800 sqft model and would like to build in late 2008. Will you deliver and erect in Roan Mtn, Tn? It is 221 miles from your location."

Yes if your grader will prepare the site properly. Most job sites can be easily accessible by larger trucks if graded properly. A site that can be easily driven to can reduce your construction cost significantly. If possible, sites should have driveways at the main level. Entering the home at the main level is much more desirable than climbing up steps from the basement level, and adds to the resale value. Homes with minimal parking can be slow sellers. Many home buyers own motor homes, boats, and travel trailers. Homes with circle drives are usually fast sellers. Driveways and parking areas need to be graveled and be a minimum of 10' wide. Culverts should be at least 30' long. The crane will need at least a 28'x28' LEVEL area not over 20' from foundation (usually in driveway) of home and CLEAR OF TREES. We will need 1 level spot to offload trucks at least 10'x25' close to the crane. Roads and driveways should be all weather useable by 2 wheel drive vehicles. Curves should be as gentle as possible. If the home is to be placed on a basement, it will need to be backfilled. Treated top plates will need to be installed on foundation prior to delivery, and basement posts will need to be on site. You will need 15 square bales of hay on site at delivery. Our crew will spread it on the ground to keep the panels clean before erection. Connor Construction will inspect the site prior to delivery.

Al Barwick asks "Can you deliver and erect in Hampton, SC?"

Right now yes. Later?

Bob asks "On the 2000 sq ft home are there supports on the 1st floor to hold up the second floor or is this done with a beam."

The second foor is supported by a beam.

Bob asks "I am interested in your 2000 sq ft home but on page 41 of Ask the Builder it says The 2000 sq.ft.home is only sold locally. Is this true? I would like to have a 2000 sq ft home sent to Missouri. Can this be done or is the 1800 the largest you will ship"

We can ship by flatbed trailer to Missouri for a local assembly arranged by the buyer.