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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Brent asks "I read that "Total exterior wall area can have no more than 25% window area" but what do the codes say about skylights? Have you installed skylights at your factory, or is it up to the owner? Do you have a per skylight cost that you could quote? Thx!"

You can cut holes on site anywhere in the roof for skylights.

Mike Durbin asks "what would cost be minus shipping and erection? i live 700 miles away and can pickup and erect myself."

Please call for prices.

kat in montana asks "if I am building a 32' 8 sided cabin with logs and the walls are 8' high could you pleeeeeeease tell me how many logs I need to order if they are 8" to 9" up 20 24' long logs?"

The company you are purchasing the logs from should be able to answer this question.

Brian Leblo asks "Can I get vynal siding instead of log siding ?"

We can delete the siding you can get the vinyl installed locally.