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Angela DeVaney asks "We are in Cherokee, AL, We would like to know the cost to get a 3 bedroom, 2-2-1/2 bath cabin..We are in the process of selling and have the land to build on. Before we go further we need to verify pricing with you. Please confirm"

Please call for prices.

Ryan asks "Do you have any digital pictures of completed chalets to look at?"

Sorry not at this time.

barbra ship asks "how uch do you charge?"

Check out our best selling plans on this site the prices are there.

Tom Healey asks "I am looking at the 2800 sf model. Are the interior ceiling heights 8 ft , 9ft , or 10 ft. also what is the roof pitch? and can it be made in atleast a 7/12 if not already? and last the 2800sf is 59,000 erected, how much for package, if I erect home?"

This question has not yet been answered.