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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

David Best asks "What is the total cost to deliver & erect the Chalet shell on my lot in Yahoola Valley (Dahlonega, Ga)?"

What size? We have 832 sq ft. 1040 sq ft. 1450 sq ft. and 1800 sq. ft. Call for prices.

Gary asks "I am interested in the new Chalet plan, My question is can you make a place for a staircase to the basement?"

Yes you can add a basement to the 832 square foot Chalet plan.

Lou Grant asks "In addition to erecting the panelized cabin and drying it in, do you provide any other construction services? Do you also construct decks, porches or interior work? How about electrical or plumbing?"

Sorry we only do shells. We may be able to find subs for these items depending on your location.

Mark asks "We're very interested in your 1800 Sq. Ft. model. How many square are the roof for purposes of estimating the cost? How man sq. ft. of exterior walls/roof for estimating insulation?"

If you add 2 8x24 porches the roof takes 22 squares of roofing. The last insulation job I had done on the 1800 with 2 basement walls was around 1350.00 labor and materials.