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Lori asks "I know there is not any homes in Reliance, where would be the closest home I could travel to and look at the home? Also, if the siding is kiln dried I would assume that there are cracks in almost every piece of siding? "

Cracks in the siding are very rare. Cracked boards are not installed in the factory. Mapquest shows 2 Reliance in Tn.

thomas asks "I have check with locall lumber stores and no one knows anyone who cw anyone on the Louisiana Texas boarder near Hemphil?"

Sorry no.

thomas asks "Sorry. no one knows anyone who can put the kit together. Do you know anyone in the Hemphil area?"

Sorry no.

Lori asks "We would like to see a 2800 square foot home, Reliance is within the 75 miles from Ellijay. We are in Polk County TN. Please let me know where we could see the 2800 square foot home between Reliance to Ellijay. "

The 2800 square foot home is a new model. No homes have been built in that area. The 2000 square foot home is very similar and can be seen in Ellijay, Ga.