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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Jon Dunnemann asks "Can I build on top of an asphalt tennis court"

If you do it right yes.

Jerry Thomas asks "Can someone check OK access to our site before purchase. Tellico Plains TN."

If the driveway and site prep is done yes. Access is usually determined by a properly graded site.

zach asks "is there any way to get around having the support posts every 8 feet thoughout the basement? If i go this route i'll want the basement finished out but support posts seem like they would hinder any useful room. Thanks."

You can put a beam in the center with support at just the stairway. This will eliminate the post on homes up to. and including the 1800 square foot model.

Alex Edgemon asks "On the 1250 Chalet with porch can we omit the porch and extend the back wall instead?"

Yes no problem.