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zach asks "in the north georgia area, what's the typical (estimate) cost of getting a flat lot up to begining the shell build? (i.e. septic, grading, slab, basement)"

Typical cost is 18,000 to 20,000 for full basement grading and septic.

jeffrey asks "For 2000 sq foot structure what would the cost be to have it shipped to mashpee Ma and installed?. and the cost shipped but not installed. "

Sorry we are not working Ma at this time.

Mike D asks "what would cost be on the 1800 sq foot . If i picked up supplies at your location with my own rigs and erected myself? Any savings for you not shipping and erecting?"

If you are within 150 miles of Ellijay, Ga we can deliver and erect in just a few hours. With our hundreds and hundreds of panelized home building experience. Our erection labor is very low. If you are a long distance from us it could be a possibility.

Derek Thomas asks "We are looking at putting one of your homes in maggie valley. what would be the additional cost since it's less than 150 miles but more than 75 miles. Also do you have any recommendations on who could do the finish work . thanks "

This question has not yet been answered.