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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Ted asks "canyou substitute 2"x10" s and 3/4 ply for flooring and if so, how much additional on the 1250 sq ft story and a half chalet? "

The floors are 2x8 12" on centers for quality improvement not cost savings. Yes it can be done.

Bill LaSalle asks "Either on the site or in answers to questions I have seen estimates of $ 50 per square foot finished cost plus $ 20,000 for grading, basement and septic. On a 1450 Sq Ft model this comes to $ 92,500. Is this still a reasonable estimate? "

Cost vary depending on location and the finishing materials used. Using our low cost shell is the best way to cut overall construction cost.

Jim asks "Will you deliver and erect the 2800 sq. ft. home in Fayette, Alabama?"


marc asks "do you build in cartesville ga"