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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

mike mcqueen asks "do you put d log siding on existing homes?"

Sorry not at this time.

Mike Jannetty asks "Have you ever built in the Sky Lake community of Sautee Nacoochee, Ga, if so is there any extra charges due to the resitrictions. Also they have a 1,600 sq ft min 1,000 sq ft firts floor, what is the closest modle you have that will meet this requirement"

No extra charge.

Mike Jannetty asks "Have you built in the Sky Lake communtity of Sautee Nacoochee, Ga ? They have a 1600 sq ft min with a min of 1,000 sq ft on first floor what is your closest model to this requirement?"

No homes have been built in the Sky Lake community. Our 1800 square foot home will meet the requirements.

Linda Sarber asks "We own lake property on Lake Adger in Mill Spring, NC. I would like to talk to you about prices for building in this area."

Please call for prices.