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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Mike Harmeling asks "Do your plans come with any plumbing and HVAC location suggestions or designs?"

Any plumber or HVAC installer should be able to install with just the floor plans.

Dawn asks "The 1200 sq. ft. Chalet model includes the porch right? What about the loft? and how much are these plans?"

Yes the porch and loft are included. Prices are posted with the plans on this site.

Dawn asks "also for the chalet. is the log siding high maintenance ? I've been told that without regular maintenance these homes to the siding they look really bad very quickly. What is required."

Most people just stain it and forget it.

Mike Smith asks "On the 1450 model, I'm thinking of putting 2 baths centered on the second floor. Is an LTL sufficient for this, or should there be additional support in the form of interior walls and foundation modifications?"

2 baths on the second floor shouldn't be a problem.