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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

george penick asks "interested in having a real log home erected in TN"

It will be in kit form only. No erection is available and not inexpensive like our panelized shells.

David H asks " I am interested in the 1250 Chalet. Does it come with all the interior walls for both floors. Also what would be the cost for that cabin shipped to Lafayette,La."

Interior walls are not included. Please call for prices.

Mr. Cuesta asks "On the Best Selling 1450 Square Foot Home it says build on your land for 30,000 but yet it says it doesnt include interior walls porches ceilings. What exactly do you actually build for 30,000 and what do we have to come with after or before you are done"

Click on the what's included and what's not included on the home page of this site.

Jeff asks "John, We are getting ready to finish the 1250 Chalet you set up in Newport, TN last fall. Can you email me a floor plan with the kitchen reversed from your plan on your site?"

Yes. Give me you e mail address.Sorry the address you gave me does not work. Please type it for me.