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Stacey M asks "hi again, just a little confused. On your website it lists & mentions *log cabin* for the houses- but the pictures you show look like regular houses- ? nothing log cabin*ish about it- ?? Thank you"

The panelized homes are log sided. Solid log will cost about 3 times the price of our log sided homes. With an all wood interior the framed homes should sell for about the same as a solid log wall home. Interior looks will be exactly the same. The exterior will also look like a log cabin with slightly different corners. With the current state of the housing market a solid log home could put you in as much as A 50% negative equity position.

Renee asks "do you have any customers in northeast TN (Carter, Unicoi, Washington or Johnson counties) who are willing to be asked about their house? Thank you"

Sorry no homes in these counties at this time. We do have homes in Dandridge and Hartford Tn.

John asks "Question about California again. California permitting will require engineer stamped drawings and codes will probably require some design modification. Do you have the ability to modify your structural details to satisfy California's idiosyncrasies? "

This question has not yet been answered.

John asks "Any idea what long distance shipping costs? "

Please call.