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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Marygrace and Scott Perkins asks "Hi John, It was great meting you a few weekends ago. We went by the Chalet in Helen but were not able to see the inside as no one was around. We were impressed with what we saw on the outside. . but really want to get a feel for the inside space. Help?"

Call me for the owners number.

Jody B asks "Anything you are building near Rockvale,TN and do you do room additions using smallest pkg?"

Nothing near you at this time. Yes you can use our homes a additions.

Jody B asks "Where are pictures of your work please?"

Throughout this website.

David asks "You list 20-25 dollars a sq foot to finish (Basic) is this possible since , with the finishing cost i am being quoted, the Finished roof, HVAC, electrial and Plumbing, takes approx $17 sq foot, still dont have interwalls, f-flooring,cabinets fixtures por"

Different areas will have different priced sub contractors.