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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Elizabeth Foy asks "Do you build "Turn Key" houses?"

The only turn keys we offer are house and lot combinations.

greg asks "I need a cabin in Washington State, can you help?"

I can ship to washington State by common carrier and you can use local labor to assemble.

Derrick Hamrick asks "Am I reading this right? I can buy a 1,000 ft kit from you guys, and if I am 75 miles or less from your factory, you will erect the houses shell for around $21,000.00. This includes the price of the kit, delivering and erecting. Is that correct?"

The 2 story homes are sold by the square foot. The 1 story homes have a different pricing structure and include 1 end porch. Call for priceing on the 1 story homes.

Mark asks "We're planning on building your 1800 Sq Ft home on a basement. Can you supply the siding for the daylight wall and/or additional windows?"

We do have the windows. The siding can be picked up at the building supply.