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Julie asks "Want to add on to our extisting log home want additional 600 sq feet ranch style"

This question has not yet been answered.

Marc Saltz asks "What would the charge be to deliver the 1450 sf model to Sunbright, TN. What are the specs required ready to receive cabin? Is this built on Poles or a cement foundation. Can you supply a working phone number? Thank you."

The homes can be placed on any type foundation. Call for prices. If no answer please try again.

Damon Barker asks "Can you add a loft on second floor on the 1250 Square Feet Plus 200 Square Feet Porch 1 1/2 Story Chalet"

The 1250 with loft is our 1450 home. Turn it around for the chalet look.

Robert, Knoxville,TN asks "Like your concept - wondering what the turn-key price for a 2000 -25000 sq.ft. home might be. "

This question has not yet been answered.