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Michelle Kohm asks "I'd like to have delivery info on the 1450 and 1850 sq ft plans delivered to North East Texas. Can it still be assembled by your folks and what does that do to the price? Thanks!"

It makes no sense to send crews hundreds of miles for 4-6 hours erection time.

David Stroud asks "Can you build the wall panels 2X6 instead of 2X4. I would like to have more insulation for our climate. Also can you give me a rough estimate of shipping cost for a 1900 SF 2 story home to Albuquerque, NM. Thanks"

It is much better to use sprayed in foam in the walls.You will get much higher r values. Shipping will cost 2-3 dollars per loaded mile.

John Zehr asks "Can sliding glass door be substituted for the window placements on the 1450 sq. ft. or the 1800 sq ft. 2 story plans. Ideally I would like them off both the kitchen/dining areas and also off the 1st floor bedroom facing the back of the house. Thank you."

We can leave openings for the glass sliding doors that you buy locally.

L. Johnson asks "I am very interested in the home you have listed for sale at Coosqwattee River Resort. I do not want to purchase this home, but would like it built on my property in S.C. I prefer the wrap around porch and not the carport.Can you email me a PRICE? Thanks "

The shell is 21.00 pre square foot. Maybe some extra shipping and maybe not depending on your location.