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Steve Cortes asks "I went to Coosawattee River Resort and they said they do not allow your type of home to be built there. They said that when your truck appeared at the gate they would send it back. I really like your home package and like Coosawattee River Resort . Confus"

Steve thanks for the question and the phone call yesterday. The lady that made the statement is totally WRONG. Connor Construction has built hundreds of homes in Coosawattee River Resort. Connor Construction built the first home ever built inside Coosawattee River Resort over 30 years ago. The developers of Coosawattee River Resort, Fife and Moody homes we built by Connor Construction. The majority of Coosawattee River Resort time shares were built by Connor Construction. The front portions of Coosawattee River Resort P.O.A. offices were built by Connor Construction. Connor Construction's homes are component stick built shells and are not considered to be pre fab like modular homes. The lady you spoke to at Green's Corner (NOT the P.O.A. office) misrepresented herself as the president of the Property Owners Association. Jim Lyons is the president. You can call him at 706-276-1060 or speak to Janice the building director at the same number.

Ken asks "Does it cost more to relocate two windows and a door?"


Susan asks "We are just over the N.C. line, do you build and erect in that area?"


Joanne Johnson asks "what are the costs to deleiver and construct 1250 Square Feet Plus 200 Square Feet Porch 1 1/2 Story Chalet"

Shell prices are posted with the floor plans.