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Reg Clifford asks ""

This question has not yet been answered.

Vanessa Boehm asks "Am wonering what type of foundation must be used for construction of this house? Can the 1250 sq ft chalet be built on an slab foundation?"

Basement, crawl space, slab.

Brian Campbell asks "How much for the kit without assembly as I live in upstate New York Oswego County New York. Do you meet their codes as well as snow loads and insulation factors for this area."

Snow loads should be ok. Insulation is not included with package. Sprayed in foam will give you high R-values. Prices are posted with plans.

Mike Waybright asks "I'm working with two banks for construction financing. United Community and SunTrust. Can you email the 2000 Sq Ft home floor plans to I'll email you back with documents SunTrust requires. Thanks for your help"

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