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Kathryn asks "Can you recommend any particular banks for financing this shell-type build? Most banks don't lend this way and want to see from start to finish. Seems like I can't be my own GC unless I have all the cash myself. I would be building in TN. Thank you"

Check with the local banks where the home is to be built.

Laura asks "I would like to ship one of these kits to Jamaica...Is this at all possible ? "

Yes. Prices without shipping are posted with plans.

danny asks " can house be build on goverment land (navajo land) near 4 corner town call Teec NosPos ,Az"

Our homes can be built anywhere.

Ariel Moye asks "I have choosen the 1250 Square Feet Plus 200 Square Feet Porch 1 1/2 Story Chalet I was wondering if the 31,000 was the finall price or is there a fee for yall comeing and setting it up? I live around Searcy Arkansas. What would be a round about price?"

This question has not yet been answered.