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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Larry & Catherine Mussman asks "We are in the market for a real log cabin 3/2.5/2 on 5 wooded acres--any suggestions?"

Buy a log sided home for 1/2 the money and 100 times the quality. If one piece of log siding needs replacing it can be done easily. Replacing a single log is almost impossible, lower logs do rot. Heat it for a fraction of the cost of solid logs. Use wood interior for the exact same look. Finish it in weeks not months or years. When you are tired of it sell it for a big profit instead of a possible loss when paying the inflated prices of solid log homes. Price sells, quality sells.

Lauren Goble asks "I live in Haddock, Georgia, what would the shipping cost to get the home down there? Also, the $21.00 a sq. foot, does it include all the materials and construction?"

Yes the 21.00 pre square foot does cover labor and materials. we can deliver to Haddock, Ga. Please call for details.

Nick B asks "Will you build in Tennessee? How much extra does that tack on?"

We do build in Tennessee. Parts of Tennessee no extra charge. Please call for prices.

CJ Milton asks "You mentioned a 2000 sq ft home; can that be shipped to Maryland? Also, can these homes be built on stilts in a flood plain? "

Yes we can ship to Maryland the 2000 square foot home will take 2 trailers. You can put the home on any type foundation that will structually support it.