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Lawrence asks "I’ve been in the alarm business for over 20 years now. After talking with some burglars, the best thing I have seen on the market is Videofied. They tell me that to be seen by some one while attempting to enter or after entry is thing they want the less. "

This question has not yet been answered.

Andy asks "I have a very nice lot in Talking Rock Creek Resort can you give me a price on delivering and setting up the 2000sf home. How much additional funds are needed for the site work assuming the lot is level and wooded?"


Elvis Garcia asks "I am looking to have a get your 2800 Square Foot Home built in Brevard, NC. Can you build there?"

Yes we can build in Brevard, N.C.

Elvis Garcia asks "Are there any local builders or sub contractors in the Brevard, NC area that work with Connor Construction to build your homes."