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Viera asks "We are interested in your 1250 Chalet with the 200 foot porch. Please clarify the delivery and assembly charge. On the page it says "Shipping and assembly $1. per square foot in some areas." but I see in the FAQ section it is $21 per square foot."

This question has not yet been answered.

Dave asks "Do you have a smaller floor plan....800 sq ft with a loft?"

We have the 26x32 with loft or dormer for full upstairs.

Sylvie McDonald asks "I like your 2800 sq ft plan but would like to see what the front of it actually looks like.The pic is only of the back. Can you send me a pic? (, I would like to see a house of this size in person.Do you have any up to view?"

This question has not yet been answered.

Pat Lowrey asks "Do you build panel homes for customers with their own plan?"

Any plan can be placed into our shells.