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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Linda asks "I am interested in your 1450 Square Foot Home. would like to know what is the shipping and assemly cost. My zip code is 87827. Thank you."

Looks like around 1600 miles. Call us.

Timothy Johnson asks " we are limmited to the size we rebuild with, 22.5 x 40 is about all we have room for, our lot is lake front so we would like somthing so we could view the lake, we only need 1 br , do you have anything like this"

We have a 26x40.

Steve asks "For the 2800 sqft home, what is the price without siding?"

Please call for price.

tim dover asks "do you build other plans that are not shown on your site? I have a plan that I'd like to have built one day and was just wondering if your team could build and deliver it?Thanks for your time and help.Tim"

I will need to take a look at your plan.