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Adam Hellman asks "I am contacting you from MediaLab 3D Studios and was wondering if you would be interested in taking advantage of some marketing collateral opportunities to help showcase your product. We create 3D renderings, interactive floor plans, virtual tours and man"

This question has not yet been answered.

Lad B. asks "What would the total cost be for the 2800 square feet cabin, delievr, and erection to Fortville, IN (500 miles from your location) ? "

Call for prices.

Ambrozine Brathwaite asks "I received a quote from a log home company which included build cost. The log home cost around 73 - 79,000. but the build will cost me 194,000.00 for a 2,000sqt home. I'm thinking this is just too much. Should it cost that much?"

Solid log homes are just to expensive. If your want low prices and good quality we can erect one of our panelized log sided homes for you.

Ambrozine asks "I was quoted a price for our log home to be around 79,000.00, but the construction build will be 194,000.00. That seem a bit much. How accurate is that build cost?"

Solid log homes are very labor intensive. Our panelized log sided homes are low cost high quality and very energy efficient.