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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

john asks "do you offer any model in the 2400 ft range (2 level) also do the homes come with a outside wrap (tyvak)"

If you add a basement to the 1800 square foot home you will have over 2800 total. We use r-3 strofoam tyvek is r-0.

john asks "sorry I was not real clear home must be 1400 (1 level) or 2400 (2 level) not counting basement it would be on sloped lot with walkout basement and basement can not count as sq ft total. thanks john"

We can do a custom plan. Where are you planning to build?

Bob asks "I am looking to do spec. spot building in Helen and Blairsvhomes and have plans on doing 4-8 withing the next several months. I am looking to build 1200-1400sq.ft. homes"

I'm sure we can help. Give us a call.

Jenn asks "The 2000 sq.ft. home that has been mentioned, is it the same dimensions as the 1800 sq.ft. home? "

Yes plus an 8x24 added front.