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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Robin asks "Will you be putting up any houses in the Blairsville area Spetember September 2-8?"

We will be in Blairsville September 1st putting up a 1250 square foot Chalet.

Eddie Johnson asks "Why does the Chalet (1250 sq. foot) cost more than the 1450?"

It come with a pressure treated pine porch. The 1450 has no porches.

Daryl Rashkin asks "Can "log siding be used instead of the standard siding and do you sell matching garages? Thank you"

Our standard siding is Chink log siding. Yes we can do garages.

Beth Thomas asks "Our lake lot that we would like to build on in New Tazwell, TN is showing 184 miles from Elijay, Ga, will you come a little bit past 150 miles "

Yes. We delivered a 1450 to New Tazwell, on the lake about 4 years ago.