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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Jenn asks "The sample floorplan for the 1800 sq.ft. home is helpful but confusing. The actual house delivered would have a supporting wall across it at approx. 16 feet? Can the upper floor layout be changed? So the "open to below" is on the shorter side? "

It's a possibility. This home is supported by post and beams, no walls necessary.

Jaimee asks "on the 2 story homes does the price of 21.00 sq ft include the subfloor for the 2nd story if not what would be the cost to add that"

Yes the 2nd floor subfloor is included.

Nick B asks "How thick is the siding on the panel homes? is it spaced for chinking?"

3/4 inch and is spaced for chinking if you want it. most homes are stained only.

doug asks "how fast can a home be built and i be in it ?"

The dry in takes one day. Finishing is up to you. Some homes have been completed in 3 weeks.