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Jeremy Johns asks "Where is the closest 1450 sq. ft. home with basement to Augusta, Ga. 30906?"

This question has not yet been answered.

Ken asks "Are the foundation demensions the outside demension of the sill plate? Also, how far off of each corner should the J-bolts be placed and on what centers?"

All measurements are from outside to outside. 6 inches from corner 4 foot on center.

Sherman Lee Dillon asks "I was searching the internet. I put in "Log cabin homes octagon" Your web site came up and I saw no Octagon shaped Log cabin on your web site. Do you offer such a design? "

Sorry. We stopped making octagon shape homes over 10 years ago. To expensive for the present economy.

Ellis Ball asks "Does 6040 on window mean it 60" by 40 " or is it the part number?"

72 inches wide x 48 inches high