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John Hegel asks "We just purchased property in Blairsville with a 36'X48' foundation and 2 poured concrete walls.Do you have any home designs that would be able to incorporate the walls and foundation already in place?"

Yes it can be modified

Alisa B. asks "What is the roof slope and overhang for the 1250 sf Chalet?"


John Hegel asks "We purchased land with a 36'X48' foundation and 2 cement walls, can we modify and build you 2000sq ft home on that site? It actually has two poured cement walls also, septic, electrice anda driveway, we just need a cabin. We will be in Georgia in March ?"

Yes it can be modified.

john ammons asks "i was wondering if you had a foundation company that is reliable to build a basement foundation for the 1450 sq ft model"

In some areas YES.