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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

JJ asks "If you provide the 2nd floor, but no interior walls, what holds up the floor?"

A large beam runs the length of the home thru the center.

Glenda Krebs asks "Is it feasible to put a log cabin kit on a foundation formerly occupied to a moble home? can the foundation be modifed if necessary?"

If you can modify it to fit YES.

Ken asks "Can the upstairs window in the back side of the loft area of the 2000 sq. ft. model be replaced with french doors?"

A 3' door can be placed in that location.

JJ asks "Hate to sound dumb, does that beam run across the 26' or the 32' span?"

The beam runs the 32' span with support at the stairway.