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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

John a asks "last question from the time i place the order how much leed time do you need from the time the foundation is done?"

If you order your home at the same time you start your foundation we can usually get it within 2 weeks.

JJ asks "If you chalet the 1450 you end up with the 1250 chalet correct? If you chalet the 1800, what do you end up with and what are the dimensions of the 2nd floor?"

The sizes won't change. The changes are window and door locations and porches. You will still have 1450 s.f. and 1800 s.f.

JJ asks "So the floorplan is the same? If not, where could I look at them?"

The first floor and second floor in included with the home. The dividing walls are not included and can be placed anywhere you want them. Use our plan or design your own.

darren Martini asks "can u also finish the inside rough framing and drywall"

We only do shells.