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rivers carroll asks "do you have pctures of interior and exterior plus cost differenca using d logs on chalet style 1800 sq ft log homes,if so can you email them to"

Almost all of the homes sold are the chink log siding. No pictures are available of the d-log sided homes at this time.

Ronnie Smith asks "Do you offer complete finished homes? Can you do that with a kit home?"

We only sell shells. We can recommend carpenters in some areas to finish the home for you.

Rivers Carroll asks "Where do you have any chalets erected I can look at"

No models. You can drive homes that are lived in. In Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia.

Charlotte Sanford asks "Could the 1 Level with porch be built in 26 by 36 and is it possible to have the exterior wall in 2 x 6 construction?"

Yes and yes.