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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Ross VA asks "The 1450 can be done 'Chalet" style, what is the cost difference? Percent approximate will suffice."

With the same number of windows and without the end porch the price is the same.

FloridaGal asks "Can the walls be built 9 to 10 feet instead of the standard 8 foot?"

I need more information to answer this question. Please call.

whg3 asks "What is the placement of the J-Bolts on the sill plate? Should they be 1/2 inch?"

1/2 inch is standard. Check with your local building dept for placement. Some inspectors like to see the bolts closer than others.

Gary G. asks "have you ever delivered or built one of your cabins in the Nashville,TN or Bowling Green ,KY ? Is it possible to see it??"

Murfreesboro Tn is the closest. It may still be under construction.