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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Charlie asks "Which is easier to add on to at a later date, the 1800 or 2000 sq ft home?"

You shouldn't have a problem adding on to the 1800 or the 2000.

polly fernandez asks "we are interested in purchasing a lot at salacoa highlands ga. have you done any constuction there and are you willing to provide me blueprints or such to the 1250 home for approval from the association prior to closing"

Its been a few years since we built in Salacoa highlands. We do have drawings for p.o.a approval.

JJ asks "Do you only install the sliding windows, or do you do dbl hung and picture also?"

Yes we can do other type windows.

JJ asks "On the 1250 Chalet, what would the upcharge be to use 2 x 6 on the exterior walls?"

If you want extra insulation use sprayed in foam in the walls for higher r values.