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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

tim asks "do you have people that can do foundation for the 1450 sq ft home and if so how much"

Yes in some areas we do have people that can put in a foundation for you.

tim asks "is it hard to get building permit in ellijay for cabins"

You will need a soil test to get your septic tank permit. Take your septic tank permit and you can pick up your building permit. No problem.

Terry & Melissa Plowman asks "We love the 1250 sf cabin but it is not large enough on the ground floor for our needs. Can you increase the ground level sf to 1500 and still maintain the same proportional dimensions and layout? If you can, you WILL sell us a house this year."

I can increase the ground floor to 26x56 that will be 1456 square feet. Or I can do 26x64 that will be 1664.

Terry & Melissa Plowman asks "Can you give us the base prices for each of these two plans? Thanks."

Additional square footage will be around 20.00 square for first floor plus 20.00 pre foot for second floor.