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Bill Klein asks "Will the homes meet wind codes in Milton or Crestview Fl.? "

With some extra metal straps site applied, and properly anchored to the foundation they should meet codes. Also we will need to know the dp rating required on the windows in your area.

John Donlan asks "I am the proud new owner of 15 vista ct, ellijay,Ga. in coosawattee resort. I was told you are the builder? Can you help me?? John Donlan"

This question has not yet been answered.

Rick asks "What is the delivery charge and assembly to a lot near Fontana Lake NC?"

Assembly is included in price.

Tiffany asks "Do you have any of these cabins in the Middle Tennessee area? We are wanting to build at Center Hill lake. For the 1250 sq. ft. cabin -what would be the delivery charge (Smithville, TN)? Thank you!"

Yes we do have cabins in the Middle Tn. area. Please call for delivery prices.