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Mahala asks "What would be shipping to robbinsville, Nc? Lookind at the 800-1200 sqft homes. I may buy more then 1"

Its very inexpensive around 200.00

Eddie Johnson asks "What plan best supports a lot with a 30-35% grade? The main floor needs to be 800 sq. feet with a basement. "

Basements work well on sloped lots. Any of our plans will work fine on basements.

Dominick Aiello asks "When you say no interior framing, does that mean there is not a second floor constructed?"

The second floor is included. No other interior framing is included.

Michael Cocking asks "4074662683 Quote on 2000 sq ft model with decks, porch and chimney. Lot is in Chickasaw Trail. It will sit on a walk out basement"

This question has not yet been answered.