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Karol Leap asks "Can you send me pictures and specifics of the 1450sq ft home with out any porches?"

This question has not yet been answered.

Sheila asks "I am VERY interested in the 832 sq ft cabin. Three questions: (1) What is the ROOF PITCH of the 832 ? (2) Why are there no REAL pictures? (3) If I build one, would you give discount for photos for your website? "

The roof pitch is 5/12

Karol asks "I would really like some pictures of the 1450 with out a porch. Can you email me some to We are set on buying one but want to see it with out a porch. We would also like specific as far a sq ft of each wall, sq ft of roof and such? "

Sorry no pictures are available.

Karol asks "Price including tax, shipping, and building the 1450 in Rural Hall, NC 27045 ? Thanks for your time."

Prices are posted with floor plans.