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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

diane mulvihill asks "more info on windows/sub flooring/outside doors/small changes price to morganton,nc and assemble love the floor plan and outside.can a door be added to the living rm side and a 14X16 rm added? tks"

Yes changes can be made. Prices are posted with the floor plans.

Anna asks "We are planning on building the 1250sf plan. I am in the process of drawing working plans but I need some specs. I would like the roof pitch, size rafter used and the size floor joists so I can size the AC ducts. Thanks,"

Roof is 5/12 go to the site map click on the links for the specs.

DIANE asks "we have the land in morganton,nc will you please estamate delivery and assemble as shown on the pagge with both porches."

We only provide the 8x26 porch. Prices are posted with floor plans. Please call for additional pricing info.

Jeff Owen asks "Do I lay the foundation or do you? What does the assembly and cabin cost include?"

You get the foundation ready. Click on the what's included and what's not included links.