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Sheila asks "Can I pay to have the 5/12 roof pitch upped to a 9/12 pitch on the 832 sq ft house? If so, how much would it cost?"

I can do a 12/12 roof pitch. It will then be a 1450 chalet style with porch. 26x32

Sheila asks "EXCELLENT! Bottom line, however: HOW MUCH ADDITIONAL would it cost to have a 12/12 roof pitch put on the 832 cabin? Thanks!"

If your not going to put in a second floor there is no point in putting on a 12/12 pitch on the 832 home. Without a second floor it is not available.

JOE asks "do you build as far up as morganton,nc?"


Joe asks "can you bump out the 2nd floor bedroom in the front of the 1450 like what is on the 1800. want to do 2 bedroom,what walls are put in for support?."

No interior walls. Second floor is supported by a large beam. It is possible to put another dormer on the 1450.