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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Cecile Nabors asks "Can the front dormer be dropped in the 1800 square ft. model?"


Diane asks "I had asked before if you built other models, you said Yes. how do I see these do you have another web site or can a book of plans be ordered? I need about 1500 sq ft in a ranch style +-"

You would need to draw a rough plan for us to draw it from 26' wide.

JOE asks "what would a ranch home shaped like the 1040 run if you were to build it as a 30 x 62 with the porch just like the 1040 at the end?"

Sorry no 30' width homes are available.

Dominick Aiello asks "How much would it add to the price to make the first floor 9' in the 1800 sq ft home."

First floor walls are 8' 4 1/2 inches anything more is an over width load on the trucks.