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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Ty asks "Do you have anything going up near Hayesville NC in the next few weeks. I like the 1450 but i have to build min of 1000 ft. on ground level. any suggestions?"

Go with the 1800 square foot homes. We have a 1250 under construction in Bryson City Nc.

Dominick asks "What is the roof pitch on the 1800 sq ft home"

5/12 and 12/12

diane asks "can you supply the basement plan/suport for the 1040 home?"

26x40 use the one for the 1800 square foot plan.

Sherri Shepherd asks "Can I have Prodex insulation installed instead of styrofoam"

Possible yes. Good idea?