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Ask Connor Construction


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

Ric Croney asks "Will you ever have newer design homes coming up. Most of your smaller cabins appear to be designed for a rental program rather than full time living. I would like to see more homes with walk in closets bigger kitchens and 2 car garages."

We can do a custom design for you.

diane asks "on the 1040 cabin hoe high is the roof and is it high enough insid to do a small loft over the bedrooms?"

If you want a loft you will need a 12/12 roof pitch on the 1040.

diane asks "and what would the price difference be? also the windows in the 1040 home in the bedrooms do the go up and down or side to side?"

Price to be determined. Sliding windows are standard.

Hope Platt asks "Do you have any homes close to Aiken, SC or Chimney Rock, NC that I could drive by and see?"

Not sure. I don't think we have built any thing recently.