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BonAngel asks "We like what we see but want a one story rancher, A) do you offer them? B) if we gave you a layout could you build it? C) Would it be the same basic cost as long as the over all sq footage matches what you offer? and D) we're about 206 miles , cost?"

This question has not yet been answered.

BonAngel asks "Ammendment to previous question: One Story rancher but log cabin appeal , just wanted to clarify ... We are looking for a "no Stairs" we have friends /family who cannot manage stairs...Thanks"

If you stay with 26' wide it may be possible.

Lori asks "can you deliver to salem MO"


Wilma asks "What is the interior wall finish on the 1450 sq ft model pictured? What would I need to furnish myself if I purchased a cabin kit?"

The interior is finished with 8'' tongue and groove white pine. No interior finish comes with the shell.