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Nikki asks "This is less of a cabin itself question and more of a land lot question. If the lot I am considering is $60,000 firm, and a home was built on the lot in 2006 but burned down, would that be a better deal than paying around 40,000 for a comparable lot? "
Nikki asks "(2/2) The differences are that landscaping has already been completed, driveway and septic in place, along with boat dock, and wooden bridge over wet weather creek. Lot has been prepped and is ready to build on. "

Sounds like the already developed lot might be the better deal.

Will asks "Attached is the plan I would like to build as a can. With any modifications that will help cut down cost, how much do you estimate you could build and assemble this home for?"

This question has not yet been answered.

Will asks "In case that link doesn't work GOOGLE "The Thackery by Don Gardner," it will take you to the plan"

The Thackery is 59'x56' it won't fit the interior size of any of our homes.