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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions. ASK THE BUILDER!

randy asks "0n the 2800 home are the dormers on the front part of standard package and what size ldl beam is used to support second floor? Also is it required to have 3 posts on first floor to support second at the 16' in from sides and one in center of 24' section?"

Dormers are included. Lvl beams are 16'' Second floor is supported with 3 post.

Justin Taylor asks "On the 2800 sq ft house. Is the chimney included? If not how do you build the roof around it"

No its not included. We can leave the hole for it.

Stephanie asks "Can the floorplans be customized?"

No interior framing is included. Yes you can customize the floor plan and window and door layout.

Rosa Montano asks "interested on the 1250 sq ft home - what would the total price be with delivery charge to lake lure, nc?"

It will be the posted price plus 3.00 per mile one way from Ellijay, Ga.